A Prayer That Challenged Me

"And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. "  Acts 4:29

John and Peter just miraculously healed a crippled beggar in the name of Jesus Christ and were brought and questioned (or accused) before the council, leading priests and Sadducees.  Peter and John didn't back down and filled with the Holy Spirit boldly preached His Word about Scriptures predicting the Messiah and how Jesus was the Savior that came but they crucified him.  Obviously a little upset, the council ordered Peter and John never to speak in the name of Jesus again. Peter and John, courageously disagreed, left and went to worship with their fellow believers and pray.

Here is what amazes me.  One simple fact.  They didn't pray to be saved from harm, but prayed for courage and boldness.  The believers knew that if they would preach in the name of Jesus they would be persecuted.  The council warned them and even Jesus warns them.  Yet, safety is no concern, courage and bravery is.  

As I thought about this the more I realized it's because their faith and love for Jesus was so deep and rooted. They knew their hope was in Christ alone and that he would protect them, if not in this world, then the next.  They were more concerned with being used by God, standing firm in their faith, and being a witness to further his kingdom. 

So today I challenge us to pray this same prayer as we may feel persecuted. If we aren't being persecuted, pray that when a situation does arise, because it will, that we are ready to stand strong for Christ and that he would fill us with courage and speak words of wisdom for us.