Burlap, Linen, Lace - Newlywed Christmas Card

This year I wanted to design a few Newlywed Christmas cards...

so far I've made one. Here's to hoping for more.  

But what I love about his card is that I got to design around the photo.  I love doing that.  So many people try to find a photo that looks good with the card graphics they choose.  But it's the photo that really counts.  So when I saw this photo of our two dear friends after their beautiful wedding day, I knew I'd have to use it as inspiration.

Their wedding was full of burlap, linen and lace... the popular rustic look from this past wedding season. And since it was a newlywed card, I wanted to focus the design more around their special day and to incorporate Christmas into a saying that encompasses the feeling in a photo.

"Finding each other is one more reason to be thankful in this Christmas season."

Thanks for letting me use this photo friends! Photo credit to Molly VanDamme Photography

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