Off she goes

You guys!  my little girl went off to school! And when I say she went off, she literally, sassed, jumped, skipped, and diva-ed it all the way there.

I mean seriously... look at her.  

She was so excited she didn't stop talking all the way there.  She asked 1,001 questions but what I love most is that she was worried that her little brother and I would miss her.  But don't worry, she reassured us that she would come back home.


Somdays... We Get A Bit Crazy

On weeks like this, you know when it snows when it's not suppose to, we create our own fun.

Fun that allows us to let loose.

To get disastrous.

Fun that needs to be contained.

Enter... Pudding.

I've posted a couple times on our fun with pudding in the past.  But for the first time Rylee didn't wig out and joined in.  In fact, she created most of the creative mess.  However, she couldn't get over the fact that her panties kept getting dirty.  I reassured her we'd wash them really good. She said she that would be a really good idea   (shhhh... dont' tell her they are in the trash)

This every-once-in-a-great-while activity always helps a dreary day out.  I mean, what kid doesn't want to eat, play, throw, stir, lick and swim in a chocolate, dirty mess?

Early Celebration

Yes, my blog still does live.  

In fact, I miss writing in it. My nonsense babble writing. Basically where it's like I'm having a conversation except... one sided. Sometimes Rylee has those conversations.  Actually she has a lot of those these days.  Especially since that sweet little self of hers doesn't stop talking.  Most of it's good though.  Sometimes I catch myself tuning her out and then all of sudden she'll be tugging at me scolding me, "Mom... I ask you too many times!  You make me so angry."  

Yes.  She scolds me.

It's like her speech missed her childhood and went right onto her teen years but still in a two year old body.  And have I mentioned she is turning three at the end of this month!


It almost takes my breath away thinking about her turning three.  And I have a friends that have a 7 year old!  Now that just scares me.  Thank goodness I'm a little ways off from that. 

This Easter weekend though we did intertwine some early birthday celebrations in with a little Easter. Rylee was so excited to blow out her candles.  I think she was even more excited to do that then open presents!  Crazy kid.  

and Hudson was just excited to eat the cake... clean up.. not so much though.  We had a pretty strong break down from this tempered little man.

But we rebounded and enjoyed the rest of our very fun-filled weekend at the Dus side. It is always such a blast and we are thankful for such wonderful family.  And as for my little family of four.  I'm beyond thankful for what our Jesus sacrificed so many years ago. He sacrificed his life, so we can have ours.  And what a life He has blessed us with.

Praising his name!