Exciting News!!

If you've ran into us around town and our four year old was brave enough to talk to you, well... you've probably already heard the news.  In fact, I know her whole preschool class has, probably her Sunday school class,  the random people at the grocery store,  all of our neighbors... and their dogs, maybe even their kitties.

#3 is on the way!

Yes, God has blessed us with another baby.  So to celebrate this miracle of life, we thought, why not create a onesie!  So we did.

We are in the PRESALE stage and are offering 10% off right now until June 19th.  No code necessary.  It automatically is applied.  

So here are the details:

  • We have one saying "Courageous" based off 2 Chronicles 32:7.  Every baby is strong and courageous and every child needs to know they have a Mighty Savior that will walk along side them through life and fight their battles for them.  
  • We ordered just two sizes - 3-6 mo and 6-12 mo onesies.  I chose this style and fit because I love it personally for my babies.  It's long and slim.  I recommend ordering a size up, just in case.
  • Three colors are available - Pink, Navy and asphalt.  There is a reason I don't offer white.  It's called spit up and poop.

To order visit here.  

And remember onesies will be shipped out June 20th at the earliest.