Making A Difference During NIAW

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week.  Infertility is never something I had to battle and I can't even begin to understand how hard it would be.  But I do know those men and women who have to go through this battle are amazing and I want to do something special for them.  I want them to know they are not alone.  I want them to know we are thinking about them.  I want them to know they are not forgotten.  I want them to know that I find them extremely courageous. 

So to encourage you to reach out and be a blessing, we have 40% OFF right now on all of our Courageous items.

Some might read this as a way to get more sales.  But know my heart, this is not that at all.  We feel that God gave us a platform to encourage action.  James 1:22 challenges us to move beyond just hearing God's word and to do what it says.  And if we are followers of Christ, we are to love and serve others in need.  This week during NIAW let's encourage and love on our family, friends or even a stranger that fight the battle against infertility.  Let's step out and show them love.

Why Courageous?

To be quite frank about it...  I'm pretty sure these men and women know God has a plan for them or that God will work out things to His glory.  Those are Truth filled words and words we need to hear.  But sometimes we need to meet them where they are at and just tell them we find them amazing and courageous.  And we want to remind them every day (or the days they wear their tee or bracelet) that they are indeed courageous.

So How Do You Accept the Challenge?

  1. Shop Our Website under our Courageous Tab
  2. Use Code: Courageous 
  3. Type in their Shipping Address and let us send it directly to them
  4. Then use our GIFT OPTION at check out (under Additional Information section)
  5. Lastly, personalize your note

That's it!  We pray encouragement over these gifts and we thank you for letting us be such a small part in bringing other's joy.