Message of Courageous

I love the inspiration behind our Courageous apparel.  A verse that inspires us to trust and have faith in a mighty God.  So many times this shirt has been used and gifted to inspire those going through hard times or simply remind people to follow their own path God has laid out before them...  or they just think the arrows are super cute and have fallen in love with the soft material.. Who knows.  But as before we want to remind you all of the meaning of the verse behind the shirt.  For our mission is to be reminded and show whose we are.  And we are Courageous followers of Christ ready to stand in His power.


There are so many verses in the Bible about being Strong and Courageous, to not be Afraid or Discouraged, and I love them all.   In fact,  a very wise woman told me that there are 365 verses about not being afraid.  Do ya think God is trying to send us a message?!  

"Be strong and courageous.

Don't be afraid or discouraged,

for there is a power far greater on our side."

- 2 Chronicles 32:7

Putting this verse into context,  King Hezekiah was facing the much larger Assyrian army in battle.  He used this verse to encourage and rally his men.   He could encourage his men with such conviction because he had no doubts on where he stood with God.  I love what he says in the following verse, 

"They (Assyrians) may have a great army, but they are merely men.  We have the Lord our God to help us and fight for us."  

(side note:  my visual side of my brain imagines King Hezekiah much like Mel Gibson in Brave Heart in his delivery.)

This passage challenged me to check myself.  Am I confident that I'm on the Lord's side?  Simple answer yes.  But am I truly reliant on His power and His power alone?  Do I have complete trust and faith in him to lead me through this life?  

We may not go into a physical battle, but we face battles every single day that can be won with God's strength as long as we wholeheartedly and confidently put our complete trust in him.