The Melt Down

It happened.

It finally happened.

And I did not enjoy it in the least bit.

The temper-tantrum.

The full on, scream...cry...throw yourself on the floor... red face...every body is looking... I'm clinching my teeth... holding my cool... embarrassed beyond all get out... temper-tantrum.

And no it was not Steve.


All because Rylee wanted to ride in the shopping cart and not walk.  

Simple solution would be to get a double one.

Yes that would have been.

But there were none.

We were at Kohls... a lovely store, yes.  But they did not have any doubles.  On a usual, normal day, Rylee would have been more than fine to walk.  She loves to walk... infact, she always asks to get out of the cart and push or hang off the side of the cart..  And maybe she saw a mouse and freaked out and couldn't communicate that to me in between all the drama, screams, and tears, and if that is so... I sincerely apologize Rylee.  I probably would have acted that way too.

But instead, my at-the-moment bi-polar child decided to cause a scene flopping and rolling and crying like she was on fire.  Luckily, the parking lot was nearly empty and only a few gray-haired individuals were shopping.  They've most likely had kids and they grew up in the days that were not so "sensitive." So I felt comfortable, "dealing" with the dreadful situation.  Luckily,  if there is a luckily, Hudson just kept smiling away keeping my emotions in check. 

But we made it through.  We made it home. My teeth unclenched and we made up after a very, very extremely long time out. 

But I never did get to shop for my hand-held milk frother that I so desperately wanted and have been waiting for to snoody up my afternoon coffee time. And I'm not sure I'm ready to head back into Kohls to get one.

Plus, I'm sure the Kohl's break-room is enjoying a few laughs from the video surveillance from the whole ordeal. 

I should ask them for a copy.

Leverage for her teenage years.