Be His Good Challenge is BACK!!! Starts Monday.

If you did the Be His Good Challenge with us last year, welcome back!  We start Monday!!  If not... keep reading.

I've always wanted to inspire others with my Scripture Apparel whether it's to be a person of grace, who speaks and shows truth, a person who can be still in his presence yet stand firm in his truth, one who lives courageously for the Lord, a person who is humble, gentle and patient.  One who simple is the good.  God's good.

This deep mission has allowed me to self check and grow.  It reminds me to try and be that person above and to raise my children up to have those character traits.  So I'm creating a challenge.  It's a challenge to teach our kids how to serve which doesn't come easy.  To teach our children how to be the good in this world that our world so desperately needs right now.  A challenge to train them up to be men and women who think of God, others and then themselves.  A mission to move beyond us and focus on others.

"Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it."  -  Proverbs 22:6

The Challenge:
It's a simple act of kindness each week to a member in our society whether it be the postman, police officer, garbage man or our local barista.  It's a simple craft (pinterest inspired but easily doable because of have a 5 and 3 year old) that you go hand deliver and say thank you or drop off with a special note.  It's a challenge to show that our simple act of kindness can make a huge impact in the lives of those that surround us.  It's a way to teach our children to think beyond themselves and to serve others.  A way to show them how their words and actions have a lasting impact.  


Our family did this last year and it was amazing to see the excitement in their eyes (most of the time) and in the individuals who received the crafts.   The people in our community loved it.  And I mean LOVED it.  The police officer gave us a tour and the kids got to sit in the squad car, (I think Steve was jealous), the fireman showed us the trucks, the barista and bakery hung up the crafts all summer long, (our kids loved seeing that), the garbage man personally walked our bins up the driveway, we got a letter for the president and our Mayor stopped by to thank the kids!  This just shows how out of the ordinary Acts of Kindness are, which is rather sad.  So let’s make this the norm.  Let’s raise our children up to where serving others is normal.  And just maybe it will rub off on our hearts as well.

How to join?
There is no entry.  Just check back on my blog every Monday (that's my goal) starting June 5th! Each blog post will have the challenge and craft along with other ideas (if I can think of them)

The Craft
I'm a creative person but not a crafty person.  I will not have step by step instructions or a how to.  All crafts will be simple enough where you can figure this out on your own.  They'll also use items you mostly like all have in your craft drawer -  I have a list of items below. My goal is for this craft to be more about the purpose and less about the look.  The craft I list can be a launching point.  Adapt it, build upon in, or simplify it.  Or just color a picture or bake cookies.  I mean who doesn’t love that!  (want additional ideas, visit our pinterest board.)

Construction paper-all colors, paper plates, Q-tips, popsicle sticks, paint, markers, buttons, tissue paper, beads, eye ball beads, pom-poms,  straws, whole coffee beans (but not necessary), cupcake liners and glitter if you want to get real fancy.  Glitter however gives me a heart-attack so we'll keep it dull in this household.

Time Table
It's a summer project created for a purpose, so each Monday during June, July and August I will have the Be His Good challenge.   Then I pray you love it so much it becomes a life-long weekly goal, or even daily to make a lasting impact in those around you.

#BeHisGood - take a pick and share with us on Facebook and Instagram.  This allows us to see and encourage and you to help spread the word.  However, not all people like to post about their daily tasks, if so, feel free to email me at and I would gladly post you on our facebook page or instagram stories.

And if you are a planner… here is what the summer will look like.
June 12th – Flower Shop,
June 19th – Fire Department,
June 26th – Postal Service,
July 3rd – Librarians  or just to a family or friend if you are traveling for the holidays,
July 10th – Local and National Leaders,
July 17th – Bakery,
July 24th – Police Department,
July 31st – Baristas,
August 7th – The amazing greeters at Walmart or check out people at your local Target or grocer.
August 14th – Lifeguards, August 21st – True Random Act (last one as school starts up)

Additional ideas: 
City Bus Drivers, Pediatricians, Nurses, Bus Boys, Waitresses, Construction Workers,  Neighbors, your neighbor’s dog.  Think anyone people…

Not feelin’ crafty: 
buy donuts, bake cookies, color a picture (we hold on to old coloring pictures and send out sometimes!) pay for the people behind you in the drive thru… or just buy a $5 gift card!  Options are endless.  There is no bad way to thank a person.  (I guess if you get technical there is)


Let's except the challenge to be His good and show His love and train our children up to be like Christ.

Have fun and don't forget to share your experience with us on Facebook and Instagram!  
Tag us at @sixnotesclothing and #BeHisGood.

And see you Monday in your inbox for our first challenge.