2017 Fall Line Photoshoot Preview

I LOVE photoshoot day.  The anticipation always kills me, I rarely sleep the night before, I feel like I'm on cloud9 the entire day and then usually crash at the end of the night with a big ol' smile on my face full of peace and a grateful heart knowing that God is going to use this clothing line to bless so many people.

This year was no different.  We started the morning bright and early with a starbucks, peeled our eyes open to put on a few fake lashes, hung out and chatted like school girls and planned our outfits for the day and then headed off to our photoshoot destination at the Little Log Cabin. (which by the way is ah-mazing) 

But there was something about this photoshoot,  maybe it was the starbucks... but guessing it was the friends that I was surrounded by and the sun filled day God blessed us with.

Here is a peek into our day.

Fall Line launches Thursday, September 21st!!

And, stay tuned about how God is going to use the power of His word through our apparel.  We've come a long side a wonderful organization.