Be His Good Challenge - Librarians


We love our local library and head there often on cold winter days or rainy summer mornings to play around and read books.  Libraries are such a great place for kids to visit, play and learn to love to read.  So this week we say thank you to our librarians who put forth so much effort in creating a warm and inviting space for us to explore, learn and tap into our imagination.


Book Character.  We have paper plates galore right now at our house and a whole bunch of sparkles, so we'll be creating that beautiful rainbow fish.  But get creative!  Create your favorite book character... or just color a simple coloring sheet of your child's favorite book. Remember this challenge is more about the purpose (read here) and less about the project.  

Challenge:  Visit your local librarian and say hello!  I guarantee they are the sweetest people ever and will love your crafts that so kindly says thank you for all they do.

Then spread the word!  

Take a photo and post on Facebook or instagram and use the #BeHisGood.  Then encourage others to join you in saying thank you to the wonderful librarians we have to help educate our children.  

Thank you for joining us this week in being His good.