Be His Good Challenge - Bakery


I'm not going to lie... that last craft, with the coffee beans,  the sweet smelling aroma of coffee, was a grand one.  And it got me thinking about all those amazing treats out there in this world.  You know the ones loaded with butter, sprinkles, chocolate, fillings and frosting.  The ones where you only let yourself indulge on rare certain occasions.  The ones where you used to be able to have 4-5 of them but now you just look at them and 5 pounds jump onto your waist line.  Yes those amazing cupcakes, doughnuts, cakes and cookies.  the oh so delicious treats.  So we say "thank you" this week and always to our local bakery's.  You make life a whole lot sweeter.


A good ol' cupcake.  Create this cupcake exactly or create a version of this. Add real sprinkles, that's if you can keep your kids from eating them all or add glitter, buttons, or just plain ol' paint or markers.  Remember it's less about what it looks like and more about the purpose.    Take the time to explain the love that goes into all of our cupcakes and treats, maybe even bake some!

In my family, we are experiencing a lack of gratitude right now.  We tend to take for granted so many things and sadly people.  Teaching our kids to go out of the way to say thank you to those who may not naturally receive many thank yous, is a great way to work on our hearts.  This challenge has been a great way to strive for everyday kindness.


After the project is finished, write a simple thank you whether on the back of the artwork or a separate card. Find your local bakery and drop it off.  Bakery's are every where.  Even your local Walmart counts!  ps... they make fantastic cakes ;)

Then spread the word!  

Take a photo and post on Facebook or instagram and use the #BeHisGood.  Then encourage others to join you in saying thank you to our yummy local bakery's for all that they do.  

Thank you for joining us this week in being His good.