Be His Good Challenge - Postal Service


The kids and I love the Post Office.  We used to have to go there 2+ times a week for sending out packages.  It was an outing they looked forward to, mainly for the bright smiles they came to know and the ever-so-lovely stickers they received.  FYI to win over a kid... just give them a simple sticker, you'd think they've won the lottery. Plus the parents will love the fact that they weren't filled with more sugar, tooth decay or a slobbery mess. 

These days we don't get to enjoy our weekly outing because of technology and the chance to ship from home.  So this week, our Be the Good challenge, my family, personally, is going to revisit the past and say thank you to those men and women who help bring packages and cards to their destination safely all so we can open that precious birthday card or pay that lovely bill.  And I guarantee if you walk in with a smile and take the time to enjoy and not hurry your way through without acknowledging them and their service, you'll get a smile right back and a feeling of gratitude to continue on your day.


Postal Truck.  If you grew up like I did in a small town... you really didn't know these cute little trucks existed.  You just thought the same pick-up truck or car that had a flashing light on top and a person who kept driving on the opposite side of the vehicle delivered your mail.  But turns out they do!  And kids love them!  At least mine do.  They see ours coming down the side of the road and wait impatiently for him to come.  So this is just one idea for a craft you can create.  Other ideas include one my 4 year old came up with... back them cookies and give them a can of pop!  Or this week, take it easy and just color a simple coloring page and hand deliver at the post office.  Remember it's less about the craft and more about the purpose.


Have your kids sneak their artwork with a thank you into the mailbox or hand deliver to your local post office.  Friendly note, take into consideration lunch time and after work tend to be busy times for people to run the errand to the post office.

Then spread the word!  

Take a photo and post on Facebook or instagram and use the #BeHisGood.  Then encourage others to join you in saying thank you to our yummy local bakery's for all that they do.  

Thank you for joining us this week in being His good.