Day 11: Curse On Satan

Day 11: Curse On Satan

  • Readings: Genesis 3:1-15

The first 10 days we looked at Old Testament scriptures that pointed to the power of the cross and the prophetic words that told us of the coming Messiah and the events around His death.  Our hope is that these passages help solidify your faith.  God had a plan, He told us about the plan and then Jesus fulfilled the plan.

Well, what is this plan?

It all starts in Genesis 3.  The passage you just read.  Particularly  verse 14-15.  Adam and Eve sinned representing the Fall of Man.  We are now no longer holy and are alienated from God.  Since God is perfect and can’t be in the presence of sin, man who sinned, cannot be in His presence. So Adam and Eve are punished and asked to leave the Garden.  But God first doles out His punishments to the serpent, Eve and Adam. I’ll let you dive into Adam and Eve’s punishments on your own.  We are going to focus on the Serpent and the curse put upon Satan.

The Curse:
My eyes were opened into the pre-cursed serpent.  Particularly in what he looked like before the curse from God.

Throughout my life I’ve envisioned a slimy snake slithering down the tree, hanging there, talking to Eve. It kind of creeps me out.  But what I read changed my thinking.  We read about what Satan was like before God created the world in Ezekiel 28. We read that he was an angelic being, so could he have been a different kind of serpent?  Maybe this serpent didn’t start as the snake we know of as today but became one after the curse given to him by God in Genesis 3:14-15.

Whatever he may look like, he was punished for the fall of man. But it’s in this same punishment that our glorious promise is made.

Verse 15:
I will out enmity between you and the woman.
And between your offspring and her offspring.

(Note: the man is not mentioned here.  This is the first prophesy of the virgin birth.  The offspring of Eve.  The woman)

And this offspring... (Jesus)
He will bruise your head (Satan’s head)
And you shall bruise his heel.

Meaning Satan will think he had won when he deceived man to crucify Jesus, their savior.  But God is setting forth a plan and it is on that Cross that Jesus, for all time, will defeat sin.  He will bruise his head.  Or in other translations he will CRUSH his head.

Verse 15 predicts our ultimate victory through Jesus on the Cross over sin and evil.

Satan is defeated.  We have won.  We have freedom through Christ.  May we now live in this freedom.

Side note: what Satan looks like is a small detail.  I challenge you to bring what I share with you to the Scriptures.  The Holy Spirit through Paul praises the Bereans in doing exactly that. (Acts 17)  They took what Paul taught them and then compared it to the Scriptures to make sure and double check that it aligns with the Gospel. 

You can form your own opinion based on what you read.  Differing opinions is just fine unless it comes to the Gospel.  Nothing should ever contradict the saving grace of Jesus Christ dying on the Cross to save us from our sin.  He rose defeating sin, giving us eternal life and it is by faith alone in the Gospel that we are redeemed and given everlasting life.