Day 25 - Power of the Spirit In You

Day 25 – Power of The Spirit In You


Alright everyone.  It’s the last day!  But this last day is powerful so strap on your boots because the truth bomb is about to explode in Romans 8.

Take this passage slowly and to heart and feel the power pour into your soul.

  • Reading: Romans 8:1-39

On Day 24,  we read we belonged to Christ.  We are his.  And since we are his, he has given us the Holy Spirit . And it’s the power of the life giving Spirit that has freed us from the power of sin and death. And when we live by the spirit, the Spirit leads to life and peace.

Can I get an amen?

The thing is, in this life we are always going to battle sin.  Selfishness, pride, arrogance, sexism, racism, lust, hate and the list goes on, sin will always be a part of our world.  It will be a part of us.  Yes, if we are honest with ourselves, those icky, nasty sins are in us.  But when we decide to follow Christ, the Holy Spirit is also a part of us.  And it’s this Spirit as we’ve read before that helps renew and shape us. It helps transform us to be more like Christ.

And if you think you have a sin to deep for God to overcome.  Simple put... you’re crazy.  The same God who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you and just as Jesus was given life; you will be given the same life giving Spirit. For there is no condemnation for those who belong to our Father! For you are His heirs, we share in his glory.  But as Romans 8:17 states if we share in His glory, we will also share in his sufferings.

Suffering and its work in our lives is another 25 Day Reading Plan ;)  But let’s just all agree to save on time that suffering is a guarantee in the Christian life. We will suffer. You will have trials.  We will come upon hardships.  Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory revealed to us later (v18) We are given an eternal hope for when we are joined with God the Father as his adopted heirs receiving every spiritual blessing. And until then we wait... and we wait patiently and confidently.

Ugh... patiently.  No one likes to wait patiently.  And confidently?  How do we wait confidently?

  • By letting the Spirit continue to work in you.
  • By trusting in his plan.
  • By relying on God’s perfect timing.
  • By putting faith in His infinite wisdom.
  • By studying His Word
  • By getting to know your God, your Father.
  • By spending time in His goodness.
  • By communing with other believers

And by realizing the Holy Spirit helps us in our weaknesses.  The Holy Spirit knows our hearts even if we don’t confess.  It knows our stumbles, anxieties, and fears.  I know God loves me and I love him with all that I am, but I personally still fear the unknown.  It’s my struggle.  I feel the fears rise as to what eternity really looks like. And when these fears start to surface, so does the life giving Spirit.  He begins to assure me. He breathes truth back into me.  Because the unknown of the Creator is also what assures me of his existence and power.  Why would I serve a god I know everything about?

Then I worry that God will shame me for my fears...

Enter Romans 8:31-39.  Read this passage again.  Trust me you’ll want to.

Nothing can ever separate us from the love of our Father.  He loves us so much he gave up His Son for us. He has given us right standing with him.  He has given us life. We have victory in Him.

“Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither fears for today nor worries about tomorrow-not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love. No power in the sky above or in the earth below- indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39


I pray that after these 25 days you’ve realized how cool the Bible is and how amazing it all ties together in one complete story – God’s story.  We’ve learned a lot over this last month and I pray it stirs your heart to go deeper into your relationship with God.  Because that relationship is more important than any other relationship that exists.  He loves you deeply.  So deeply that He defeated death, so you could have life. He gave up His one and only Son, as a perfect sacrifice, to make you righteous and just before him.  He has adopted you as His own and made you His royal heirs.  

Live loved.