Getting Closer...

Hudson is 14 months and still not walking.  So to push the process a long, we pulled the trusty, old, faded pink stroller out from the garage rafters.  Dusted and scrubbed off the dust, dirt, spider webs and whatever nasties are lurking and leaving their "print" on the stroller off.  

And it may be a tish girly... but he loved it!  In fact, he literally walked the little circle in our house for 40 minutes straight!!!  no lie.  

Then Rylee thought he needed his Jesus doll (yes we have a Jesus doll - in fact it's a Goodnight Shepard doll) and he started pushing him around.  Then Rylee grabbed her stroller and Jesus doll and those two just strolled around the house with their Jesus'.   Rylee just chatted away and Hudson smiled and concentrated the entire time.

This has been the best entertainment for Hudson.  He could do this all day and every day.

 and he literally does.