It's back! - A Favorite Design

One of our favorite designs are back!


Last year this design even made it on the morning talk show!  How cool is that.  God's word, on a tank, on a morning news show, for all eyes to see.  Well at least for those who tuned in.  Little did all those eyes know that they were staring at a very powerful verse. 

And that's exactly what we love about this design.  So often it is a conversation starter. "What are the 3 arrows for?"  "What does it mean"  And quite simply, you just have to say, "A verse that reminds me that His ways are higher than my way."  Either the conversation will stop right there with a simple nod, or you'll go deeper!  

We created this apparel to remind the one who wears throughout the day,  yet wearing it is also such a powerful witnessing tool.   You never have to start the conversation, your apparel does itself when it brings on a casual comment or curiosity of those who see you wearing it.  

Read more on how impactful this verse is for you as you wear... and I pray even more it touches those who you meet in life.  #shareJesus #itsnotthatcomplicated


The power behind this design:

Life at times can be hard, confusing and messy, and it's at these moments we often ask God, "Why?"  "Why is this happening?" God answers us with Isaiah 55:9;

"For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts."

God is saying, "Trust me.  Just trust me because my thoughts and ways are so far above your understanding."  

We may never understand the workings of our Master but He is good and working all things to glorify Him.  So when you wear this shirt,  be reminded to trust in Him and feel His peace knowing that your faith rests in the almighty Creator and Father.