Six Notes Kid's Line Is Officially Here! - Video

We interrupt your Easter Reading Plan with an important announcement...

Our Kid's Line is officially launched!

About a month ago we asked six kids from Life Prep School in St. Paul to model our new Kid's Line.  This is the same school we donated Winter apparel to for our Winter Launch.  These kids were amazing and it was such a fun experience.  

We wanted to do something pretty special for these kids so we asked Laura Kleffman Photography to work her magic as usual and capture the day on camera.  Beyond being an amazing photograher, she has a way of making a gal, or in this case, the kids feel pretty special while having fun.

We photographed at a beautiful venue called John P Furber Farms.  I love this place and the hearts of the owners.  Finding a space in the winter is hard, especially finding one that is affordable.  Then Furber Farms goes and donates their space! 

Then as we started talking to more people about our plans to bless these kids, people wanted to start coming along side us.  Heidi with Ironworks team consulting gifted the children with a brand new pair of shoes and pants!  Each of the six kids!  I loved seeing their expressions when they realized they were able to keep the new shoes and pants.  One kid grabbed the new shoes and ran out forgetting the old pair!  

Then I met Meghan Bakken who is a videographer.  Meghan instantly got excited and joined us in capturing it all on video.  She has such a pure heart and it was so fun to work with her.  To me I just thought having a video would be fun and exciting.  Something different.  But to the kids... it was their highlight.  I overheard a couple times saying that they were going to be the next YouTube sensation.  First, I didn't know they knew what sensation was and second, I didn't want to crush their hopes with the fact that I have two followers.

But they had fun! And I'm so excited for them to see this video.  And maybe we can help make them the latest YouTube sensation.  Please share on facebook if you'd like ;)