Much Love Inspiration

“I tell you, her sins-and they are many-have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love…” – Luke 7:47

Much love. 

Can we connect with a love so deep? 

Can we humble our hearts and see ourselves as this woman-a great sinner in need of a Savior? 

We are all sinful to the core.  We are broken.  We are dirty.  But Jesus washes us clean and makes us new.  This woman got it.  She knew she needed Jesus so she bravely enters into a Pharisee’s home, and overcome with raw emotion and love, she anoints her Savior with a perfume so precious to her.  But she anoints His feet because she knows how unworthy she is before her Redeemer.  Her heart explodes and her tears stream down onto his feet.  She gently takes her hair and wipes away those forever grateful tears.  Her love is pure. Her love it big.  Her love is felt by Jesus. 

I pray that when we wear this necklace, it is a great reminder of how deep our love should be for the One who makes us whole.