Peace On Earth

Confession:  Just a few years ago I used to think the Christmas Story was boring, over told; however, I find it absolutely fabulous now.  And this is the Christmas Story of the bible... Not the movie with the bare legged lamp. Still find that a tish boring.  The truth story where God finally fulfills his promise. The promise that he constantly made in the Old Testament, even way back in Genesis.  Yes! Believe it God already had a plan in place as soon as sin entered into our world and he slowly revealed "clues" to us on who this savior would be.

  • Gen 3:15 we learn our savior will be a male
  • Gen 15 3-7 that he will be from Abraham
  • Gen 28:10ff he will be the Son of Man
  • Gen 49:10 from the tribe of Judah
  • Exodus 12 our Passover Lamb
  • 2 Samuel 7:16 from the line of David
  • Psalm 110 prince of peace
  • Isaiah 7:14 virgin birth

And more and more and more... Jesus' birth was one of the most anticipated moments in history because they have been talking about it for over 2000 years.  (Abraham lived around 2000BC).  So can you imagine when the Angel finally gets to say for the first time that their Savior was born how excited they were! 

"I bring you good news of great joy. The savior, yes, the messiah, the Lord has been born today..."

I'm pretty sure this angel had the perma grin on with tears of joy, hands lifted high full or worship and praise. This angel experienced a moment that is 10 times more joyful than any moment we will ever experience here on earth. He was finally able to announce the birth of our Savior.   Then to add to it a beautiful choir of angels come, a gospel choir, singing until their lungs burst,

"Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth and goodwill towards men."  Luke 2:14

Those words they sang fulfilled the promise the Jews were waiting for. Peace.  Finally peace. God is going to redeem his people. Save them from the Roman rule. Make them into the nation they once were under King David's reign. They were to rule again.


We know now because it's easy to look back that God was bringing a much greater peace. A type peace man can't provide. A peace that was incomprehensible then.  Jesus provided a way to restore his people with God.  A relationship that Adam and Eve broke was finally being mended and not just mended. Made whole. Jesus, this tiny baby, came as the ultimate sacrifice.  He came to cover our sins so sin no longer separated us from our Holy God. We know longer had to go to a High Priest to sacrifice and use him as our mediator with God as it was in the OT.  Jesus became that High Priest for us. (Hebrews 4:14ff)

So as this Christmas season comes on us and these stories are read. Take a deep breathe, even close your eyes,  and relish in the words that were sung by the Angels "Peace on Earth."  God kept his promise and has restored us to him so we can feel the peace of Christ rule in our hearts. We are no longer separated from the God Almighty but have him, the Holy Spirit, living within us.

And knowing that he fulfilled a promise he made 2000 years earlier gives me so much hope that he will keep his promise to restore us to him in Eternity.

Let his peace guide you this Christmas.