Day 22 - Promise of a Helper

Day 22 - Promise of a Helper

Reading:  John 14:15-31, John 16: 4b-15


So we know we live in freedom, but it’s hard. Good news.  God gives us a helper.

For the last four days of the Easter Reading Plan, we’ll dive into the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit Of God who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you. - Romans 8:11

Yes.  That same Spirit.

In our reading Jesus is enjoying his Last Supper with the disciples.  So remember, they do not know he is about to be crucified.  They know nothing about the resurrection.  They have no idea he is the sacrificial lamb atoning for sin.

Really, they know nothing.

Jesus had predicted his death but they do not understand. It’s easy to be hard on the disciples.  But remember we have the whole story of God’s plan.  They were actually living it.  They don’t know what’s going to come next. And what comes next as we know is quite shocking to say the least.    He even tells them, you don’t understand, but you will when it happens. And then you’ll believe. (John 14:29). But Jesus also promises them a Helper. An Advocate.

Sometimes I feel we underestimate this Helper as Christians or completely forget Him.  But it’s this helper who completely fulfills the New Covenant promise.  John 14:27 states “I am leaving you with a gift - peace of mind and heart.”  This gift is the Holy Spirit now putting God’s word in our minds and hearts.  We now have the privilege of God in us to lead us into all truth, to guide us in our walk, to make us new and lead us in the light.  It’s this Spirit that makes us alive again. He fills our souls. He is God in us reminding us of His Word.

Let’s think about how cool this is for a moment.  In the Old Testament times, the Holy Spirit would descend on just a few people for a period of time to relay God’s message.  We know these people as Prophets.  But now, the Holy Spirit will descend on ALL who believe in him! He will live in them. And he will never be taken away!

Think about that.  The Holy Spirit is alive in you.  And he always will be.  Even when we sin.  In fact, it’s the Holy Spirit convicting us, acting as our conscious. Leading us away from sin.  Bringing us to the path of righteousness.

When we think of the resurrection we think of the God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, triumphant and Glorious God raising Jesus from the depths of Hell.  Raising Jesus from the dead.  This same Spirit... lives in you and lives in me.

High five Holy Spirit!  You rock.

Because that is just simply amazing.

I pray you realize the power that resides in the very depths of your soul. I pray you understand how truly wonderful, amazing and mighty you are as children of the Risen Christ.