Day 14 - Sacrifice and Atonement

Day 14 – Sacrifice and Atonement

  • Reading: Leviticus 16 and Leviticus 17:11
  • Watch  –  the Bible Project – Atonement

Over days 11-13, we read how God has always had a plan from the time humanity sinned to win back his children and defeat death.  Now we jump into the important concept of the old and new covenant.  Today we dive into Sacrifice, Atonement and Purification.

  • Sacrifice – symbol of justice and grace
  • Atonement – to cover over someone’s sin
  • Purification – through the blood of an animal.  Blood represents life.

These are hard concepts to understand and actually odd to us and the way we live.  However, I feel the Bible Project explains these concepts beautifully. 

Watch below: