The Differences in our Sweatshirts


Our Fall Line just released yesterday and already you guys are lovin' on it.  We are so thankful for each of you.  And thank you for sharing our posts and supporting us in our mission to give back to Together For Good!  We feel beyond blessed to be able to work with different organizations and to give back to their cause.  If you missed it, you can read more on our blog.

This Fall line we have two different sweatshirts that look very similar but have a slight difference in fit.  We wanted to show you the unique style of each.  Beyond the obvious differences of color and verse, the fit and garment design varies slightly.

The Picture below shows the first difference.  The fit.  The Mauve Be Still sweatshirt is a bit more "boxy" than our Love Endures Sweatshirt.    The length is comparable but the width is wider and gives you the slightly oversized look.

The next difference is the shoulder seam. Our Be Still Sweatshirt has a drop shoulder while the Love Endures is more of a Raglan style.


Both sweatshirts still have that incredibly soft, cozy fleece on the inside that makes you want to grab a coffee or apple cider and snuggle up next to the fire.  They are amazing.  I love seeing the expressions when you the uncover how truly soft these are.