Together for Good - Fall Line Give Back

We are in full on planning mode to release our 2018 Fall Line. We finished our photoshoot this last Saturday which was amazing. You can catch a glimpse here. We set our date to launch for Tuesday, September 18th!! AND we started working with Together for Good! Together for Good will be the organization we give back to with this Fall Line.

To give you a better idea of who Together For Good is, we asked them a series of questions. See the interview below. We’ll also be sharing a few stories over the next few posts.


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What was your reason/passion behind starting this organization?

Vulnerable, socially isolated families often don’t have anywhere to turn in times of crisis or when facing chronic stress. Research tells us that without strong social networks, children can be left in unsafe situations, increasing the risk of abuse and neglect.

Together, along with the church, we provide practical help and relational support to struggling families. Our trained network of volunteers provide safe places for children to stay during crisis as well as offer respite care and ongoing friendship to ensure no parent has to walk alone.

How long have you been serving families?

We have been serving families for just over one year.

Do you have any Partnerships or Organizations that serve along side of you?

We work with MN Adult and Teen Challenge, Shakopee Women's Prison, Healing House, Minneapolis Crisis Nursery, area domestic violence shelters, local hospitals, schools and homeless shelters. We also partner with 35 churches across the Twin Cities Metro and Rochester.

Who do you care for?

Our services are offered to any struggling parents. Single moms are the largest group to access care but we also serve grandparents who are parenting grandchildren, couples experiencing crisis or addiction and even extended family or friends who are the legal guardians of children.

What is the biggest need you see?

The biggest needs we see are homeless single mothers who have nowhere for their children to stay while they look for stable housing. We also see medical crisis, mental health crises, addiction recovery, domestic violence, incarceration, chronic family stress and poverty.

Can you explain ways to get involved with Together For Good?

Advocate: We would love to introduce your church and/or friends to Together for Good.

Host: Also, we are continuing to grow our network of host families to care for children during crisis.

Volunteer: We also need volunteers to provide support such as meals, diapers and mentoring of parents as well as helping organize events for bio parents.

Give: We are completely privately funded and rely on the support of donors to operate and grow this network of care

What are some Together for Good Events you hold for kids and moms?

We hold monthly brunches as an opportunity for bio moms to connect with caring volunteers. We are looking to expand this in the coming year. We also offer workshops, classes and fun events like VBS to provide our moms with ongoing opportunities for growth, rest and even fun.

What’s your favorite part of Together for Good?

So often, the church only has opportunity to interact with those from a different socioeconomic or cultural demographic in transactional ways and from a distance. Backpack drives, food shelf donations, clothing drives, child sponsorships and fundraising are all wonderful. But there is no substitute for life on life ministry. It is incredible to watch barriers come down between volunteers and the bio parents as they work together to what is best for the children. The relationships that develop are life changing for everyone involved.