Unfailing Love

"Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone."  Psalm 33:22

We don’t know who wrote this Psalm. Some believe it to be David, regardless, we know the author had complete faith, trust, and hope in the Lord.  He/she writes beautifully and poetically about how God is the creator of the universe, how his plans never change, how God never changes, and how he watches over us from his throne with an unfailing love.  His protection and shield are always there.  We are to rejoice in his glory and holy name.

An “unfailing” love is unfathomable to us this day and age. We might understand what it means to love but an unfailing, never giving up, unbreaking always and forever love is hard to grasp. But God's love is just that and he doesn't show us just show us once in a while; he shows us every minute of every day.  

Perhaps our definition of love needs to change so we can reach His understanding of unfailing love.  Can we move beyond just the secular view of love?  The emotional state of love? The physical state of love?  What is love?  1 Corinthians 13 explains love as patient, kind, humble, forgiving, it rejoices, never gives up, faithful, hopeful and endures all circumstances. So when we think of God and his unfailing love, we see God as forever patient with us, a God who is always there and will never give up on us. A God who does not want to harm but is kind and humble and faithful. A God who will never hold a grudge against us but will forgive on an instant if we just ask.  A God who is our number one fan rejoicing with us in the small moments and monumental accomplishments. A God who gives us hope every day if we just reach out to grasp him.  A God who will endure life with us and never leave our side no matter how much we set him aside or even push him a way.

God is our unfailing love. He is our hope. He alone is hope. Let His love surround you today and every day.  Let His love be your protection and shield when words of hurt come your way.  Let His love lift you up and show you how prescious and honored you are.

Resting in his unfailing love...