With God, I can

If you ever need a verse for encouragement, to pump you up, give you a rush of adrenaline, or complete confidence, it’s this verse.

Psalm 18:29 - "in your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall."

David writes Psalm 18 after 20 years of battle before he becomes King. He is thanking and praising God for deliverance from his enemies and Saul.  He gives thanks to God for past victories and for present strength.  You’d think after living that long as a fugitive from Saul, David would simply be exhausted; however, he felt God empowering him.

It’s amazing how our emotions and reactions can change if we change our attitude.  David draws upon God’s strength here.  He looks back on life with a grateful heart.  He’s not bitter that he had to flee for 20 years.  Instead, he is at peace with God for lifting him up with victory and recognizes that he can do anything; he can conquer any task as long as the Lord is his focus, his desire.

Do you have a road block in front of you? Do you feel like you are stuck?  Draw upon the Lord’s strength and realize that with God at your side, you can.  Yes it’s that simple.. With God... You can.

With Him, I can scale...