If I Had a Word It Would Be...

The word.  The resolution. The goal.  It’s now 2019 and most of America has set new intentions.  I’m not one to usually do this but I do take time to reflect on the past year and encourage my soul for the next.  

As I stood in my kitchen I saw my new wooden sign with three little words.  “salt and light.”  I love reading this passage in the bible where Jesus uses salt and light in his teaching. (Matthew 5:13) In fact I wrote on salt here, and hope to dive deeper in to light this year.  But as stood there I was quick to pat myself on the back on how I’ve tried to use Six Notes as a way to salt the earth and be a light to the world.  But I felt Jesus place something deeper in my heart.  My mind wondered to, “Carly, it’s easy and comfortable to salt the earth behind your computer or screen, but what about face-to-face?”


As I stood there I realized the practicality of that statement especially coming off the Christmas season. Seeing a beautiful house all lit up for Christmas is definitely not as “Wowing” as it is to experience in person. Or tasting the delicious Christmas meal was way more satisfying and flavorful than seeing the “Tasteful” videos on Facebook.   

That’s how it is with God’s word.  I find much more value and impact in physically seeing, hearing, or reading God’s word, than just experiencing through a screen whether visually or audibly.

I’ll continue to write as there is much value in it, but maybe this year I focus on how I can be the Salt and Light in where God has physically placed me.  My home, neighbors, friends, community, church.  Wherever my two feet are planted.  Jill Briscoe once said “The place between your own two feet at any time – THAT is your mission field.”

I haven’t worked out all the details and I don’t think I have to.  The more I’m in the word of God, the more the word of God is reflected in my life which means I can be the Salt and light wherever my two feet are whether walking down the street or cuddled up next to my children on the couch.  We don’t have to do grand things to make a grand impact.  In fact, my children often let me know it’s when I just sit and be still with them that those are their favorite days.

I have a feeling that is the same for Our Father.