You Crack Me Up

Rylee is at that age where she is finding her independence, her personality. And I'm not going to lie... this stage in her life can be rather frustrating.  However, it has proven to also be one of her most humorous and full of life. She has been hilarious. Her personality is booming and I love it. Just this weekend alone we had some good laughs.

The weekends newest as she yells from the bathroom as she does her "business"...  "Mom! I have a surprise for you!" I stop in my tracks. Take a deep breathe, head into the bathroom...And then she shows me her latest owie.  (Oofta) the places my mind was traveling to.  

Then we decided enjoy a little bonfire outside while we order in pizza.  I come out and find rylee like this... 


"Whatcha doing rylee?" I curiously ask. 

"the smoke is getting all in my eyes!!!"  

Oh - Makes sense.


Then the next morning she decides to help me out and do a little cleaning. So naturally she strips to her panties, puts on her snow boots and grabs the broom. 



You crack me up dear girl.