Your Christmas Photos

This is the time of year where Kohl's way prematurely starts putting out their Christmas decorations and shutterfly sends out Christmas card incentive every other day  and people start to either panic because they don't have a photo to use for their Christmas card or the wheels start turning and they scour pinterest for hours to gather ideas on what to do. 

Well here is a tip. Stop thinking.

I'm not a photographer but I have seen a lot of photos over the years that I design for but I can only assume that photographers have a love hate relationship with pinterest.  Kind of like hairstylists and celebrity hair cuts.  Ever go into your stylist and say you want the Jennifer Anniston hair cut only to be let down when you walk out?

Do you know what I mean?  If not think about it... we have this awesome idea that we found on pinterest... sun is just right, just the right amount of clouds in the sky, props are all set, every kid is smiling, doing exactly what you instruct them to do, not a hair out of place... 

Most photos that we'll fall in love with as a family are the ones that photographers catch in the moment. The ones where we are ourselves. Not ones that we are trying to replicate like we are cut out of a catalog.

So here are a few tips... not expert tips but just my normal advice tips.


  • Dress like you normally do... maybe a little nicer.
  • Don't be too matchy-matchy.  Just stay in the same color tones... pastels, bright and vivid.  The all white shirts with khaki pants... not so much anymore. 
  • Add color!  I love grabbing colors for the clothing to design cards.  Looks like the card was designed just for you. 
  • If you are wearing a print, keep it subtle.
  • Skin tight clothes is a no-no, same with bra straps, booties and boobs but wear something that is still flattering and forming to your body.  
  • Women - think about wearing your hair up and show off that beautiful clavicle and jaw bone of yours.  Put the kids hair up or barrett it.  That way when they are playing you can still see their beautiful faces and smiles.
  • Men if you wear caps, I still want to see your eyes
  • Don't over accessorize... keep it simple.
photo credit: Laura Kleffman Photography

photo credit: Laura Kleffman Photography


Instead of telling the photographer about the photo you saw, just tell them who you are as a family.  If you are playful, rambuctious, quiet and reserved, cuddly, not so touchy feely.  My family is playful. The photographer knew we were playful so she set us up to be silly and she captured one of the best photos ever!

photo credit: Laura Kleffman Photography

photo credit: Laura Kleffman Photography