Pumpkin Painting

Last week Steve went on his annual bike trip with his brother across the state of WI and Rylee went and spent five whole days away from me and stayed with her Gma and Papa (Steve's parents)  I'm not going to lie... it was kind of glorious.  Five whole days of complete bonding between Hudson and I.  

Just us.  

I got to play with him and teach him things that I used to do all the time with Rylee, like what a lion says or how to give kisses or even how to master crawling!  We baked, shopped, cuddled, wrestled, I knocked out my to-do list while Hudson enjoyed playing with all the toys Rylee usually takes away from him.

But I'm also not going to lie and say I didn't get a little bored.  Rylee adds so much life and excitement into our day.  I used to think I was so busy when it was just Rylee and I, and I probably was because it was a different lifestyle. But, when you compare it to two kids... it's cake.

So to add life into Hudson and my life for the weekend, we headed to my parents and my sisters came as well.  It was fun taking care of my ONE child while my older sister ran around after her FOUR children.  :)

One fun event we did at night besides the boat rides, fires, and all the other toys was to paint pumpkins.  The family is too little to play with knives so paint it is.  Hudson even was included in on the fun and painted his own pumpkin.  He even lasted about 5-10 whole minutes before he started to eat it, which then ended our paint fun.