Haiti Trip Experience #5 by Steve

Day 5 -  TODAY…

The time has absolutely flown by since my return from Haiti.  I didn’t realize it until this past Thursday when I had an opportunity to speak with the children of the orphanage via facetime.  I was originally scheduled to write about Day 5 on my Haiti experience; however, I have had a change of heart.  Honestly, I think my entire trip can be captured in this 10 minute video that is below.  I encourage you to watch it and take it all in and form your own thoughts and opinions. 

This was truly a LIFE CHANGING milestone.  There are opportunities all around us each and every day.  It is one thing to say it, however, it is another to acknowledge it and act on it.  I challenge you, if you are reading, to find out what opportunities are around you that you simply haven’t chosen to act on.  Go forward and take the leap of faith.  You have the opportunity to do something great.  Now, look at yourself in the mirror and get at it.  Make today count!


I would like to once again thank all those who have supported me through prayer and financial support.  I am forever grateful.  Finally, I ask that you continue to pray for these beautiful children.