Scripture Verse Cards

A couple years ago, a dear friend challenged me to get into God's word: to start each morning with just 15 minutes a day seeking His will and reading His word.  If you know me, you know I like a good challenge…yet the "buts" of life, the excuses, kept me from accepting that challenge for months.  However, I finally did and I'm so glad I did.

Starting each day in God's word brings so much clarity to the struggles of life.  He equips me each morning with the tasks ahead.  He speaks words to quiet my soul, words to spark a fire, words to calm my emotions, words to draw patience and understanding.  These words turned into much more than just words.  They are my encouragement and inspiration.  My hope.

God wants us to connect with Him; to be in relationship with Him.  We do just that through prayer and by reading His word.  His word is our hope and encouragement (Romans 15:4).  We are to meditate on His word and write them deep within our hearts (Proverbs 7:3). God wants us to know him!  He wants us to memorize His word so that, in those difficult moments of life, we can remember His promises that He wrote down for us.  His words are a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalms 119:105).  They direct and guide us; they quiet our souls.  

So I put forth a challenge.  Scripture memorization.  Nine verses.  That's it.

But this is scripture memorization with a purpose.  A reward.  A “pay it forward” type of reward.  There is an organization in Haiti called  Future Hope. Its goal is to provide opportunities for individuals to earn a fair wage to provide for their families while growing in their relationship with Christ.   You can read more about them at their website.  

One way they make a big impact for the people in Haiti is by providing them bibles.  But, they don't just hand out bibles, they have a bible program!   If Haitian people memorize nine bible verses, word for word (and yes, the families recite in front of Future Hope individuals) they are given a Bible of their own to take home.  To purchase a Bible in Haiti is equivalent to paying $500.  Crazy right?!

So here is where you come in:

1.       Accept the challenge.

2.       Buy your nine bible verses here and memorize as they do.

3.       Once you dominate this challenge of memorizing, email me and let me know.  Scouts honor.

I'll then send the funds to Future Hope, who brings the Creole bibles down to Haiti.  Then, follow them on Facebook and Instagram and see the lives that you are changing by one act of obedience through the Lord's calling.  

I love this mission. It allows you to grow closer to God and meditate on His word, while providing you a chance to change a life. God calls us over and over again in the Bible to help those who are less fortunate.  He calls us to show truth and love.  He calls us to be the hands and feet.  

He calls us to make a difference... here is your chance.


Scripture Verse Cards - Purchase here.


These nine verses are ones that have touched my heart.  Each card has your memory verse with a write up of my own thoughts.  I'm not a Pastor, I haven't been to seminary school, but I love the Lord and seek his ways.  I truly believe he spoke the words and I just wrote down in obedience.  They are God's words through a simple person.