Be Humble, Be Gentle, Be Patient - Scripture Tank Inspiration

I love the book of Ephesians. It’s Paul giving encouragement to the church of
Ephesus.  He explain the purpose of the church and shares how we should live as
Christians.  He gives us guidelines and traits all which usually revolve around love.
Whenever the bible tells me to love, I think to myself... "Self, it's the least you can
do. Look how God loved you. He sent his son to die just so you can be reconciled. 
He chose to give you life and let his son suffer."

Then I come away all proud of myself, ready to conquer love. Ready to love and
pour my heart out to others...  Then life happens and all is forgotten.

How do I, we, change this?  We do this by continuing to work on our hearts and to
be in his word, but more than just daily; let’s do it in our everything. 

What makes this verse even more powerful is Eph. 4:1 “...lead a life worthy of
your calling...”  What kind of life?  An Eph. 4:2 life.  One that’s humble, gentle, 
patient, accepting, and loving.

Challenging myself to work on a humble, gentle and patient heart.