Be His Good Challenge - Flower Shop


I love this time of year with all the fresh flowers and greenery, be it the outdoor nursery or your local flower shops.  If my husband weren't allergic to bees and my thumb was green and not brown, my yard would be filled with flowers.  So we send back the love to you local florists and nursery and greenhouse gurus.


A Flower.   Do one of these beautiful flowers or create a version or even a whole bouquet.  Again, use any supplies you want or follow the instructions listed below the photos.  Also take this time to explain all the care that goes into flowers that these beautiful people do everyday.  Explain that plants need water, soil and sun.  By the end of this craft,  you'll be able to home-school your children!  (just kidding)  

You can take it a step further and even explain that they have the ability to plant a seed for God in others by sharing the Gospel and who Jesus is!  Then along the way it is up to God to put others in their life to water and help it grow.  


After the project is finished, write a simple thank you whether on the back of the artwork or a separate card. Find your local nursery or flower shop and hand off your beautiful artwork.  

Then spread the word!  

Take a photo and post on Facebook or instagram and use the #BeHisGood.  Then encourage others to join you in saying thank you to their local flower shops and nurseries for all that they do in providing us smiles with fresh flowers.  Am I not right ladies... if a husband brings home flowers... you instantly love him a bit more.  

Thank you for joining my children and I this week in being His good.