The Word - John 1:1

We read and hear often the importance of john 1:1

In the beginning the Word already existed,
the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The Word.  

For most of my life... okay all but the last year, I never really understood the significance of that verse, and the meaning of the Word.  It's kind of confusing.  But once you slow down, dive into, and truly read it, Truth comes to life.

See, the apostle John wrote his Gospel for the single purpose of proving that Jesus was indeed the Son of God.  He was fully man and fully God (not part man and part God) and he came to fulfill the scriptures.  This is where the verse comes in. John used the Old Testament (OT) to prove Jesus was God by using "the Word."  Hebrew Scriptures (OT) used "the Word" to describe:  

  • creation (Psalm 33:6-9)
  • God's message to the Israelites delivered by the prophets
  • God's law, their standard of holiness.   

Jesus is the Word.  Let me say it again.  Jesus is the Word.   

  • He was their with God before creation, creation was created through him (John 1:3).  Before there were the stars and the moon... their was Jesus with God.
  • The OT all points to Jesus Christ, our Messiah.  The Holy Spirit spoke through the prophets to reveal who Jesus is.  That's why if we really wanted to know who Jesus was and is, we need to study the scriptures (OT)  
  • Jesus is what we couldn't be, perfect.  The law was given to show how much we needed God, to show our sin, but Jesus came to fulfill the law and was the perfect sacrifice to reconcile us to God.

So when you read this verse or hear it, relish in the fact that the Word who was with God from before the very beginning, the one who was anticipated for and talked about for over 2,000 years, is the Word that came down from his throne to deliver us from evil and bring us into his holiness.