Be His Good Challenge - Garbage Truck


I'm been absent the last 2 weeks with our Be His Good challenge, so hopefully you've taken this time to catch-up on missed thank you opportunities and past projects.  This week however, we'll make up for it.  Two for one.  Let's say thank you to those who most likely don't get thanked too often.  The garbage and recycling men and women.

The whole idea behind this Be His Good challenge started here.  With them.  My husband one evening decided to rally up the kids, grab a few cans of pop, muffins we just baked and thank you notes, and taught the kids the importance of saying thank you to those who serve us each day (week.)  My kids had so much fun.  Then I realized the impact after I heard a young man take our recycling bin from our curb and put it away for us.  So if you are loving this summer challenge, and the impact it's made, the Mr. is to thank.  


Garbage Truck.  This is a great project to work on shapes and cutting.  I'll have the shapes already cut out for my 2 year old, but my 4 year old will love this cutting challenge.  Then grab some tissue paper or even candy wrappers and start gluing!  Remember this challenge is more about the purpose (read here) and less about the project.  And make sure to make 2 per child.  One for the recylcing bin the other for the garbage bin.  Maybe you even want to make more and add it to your neighbor's bins ;)

Challenge:  I'm the only individual awake in our house when the garbage and recycling trucks arrive, so we'll be setting our crafts and thank you note out the night before on top of each bin.  If this is the same for you, might I suggest putting it in a large plastic bag and taping it to the top to protect from moisture.  However, if they visit you during the day, grab a coffee or Popsicle and wait on the front step with your kids.  They'll be giddy with excitement.

Then spread the word!  

Take a photo and post on Facebook or instagram and use the #BeHisGood.  Then encourage others to join you in saying thank you to the wonderful librarians we have to help educate our children.  

Thank you for joining us this week in being His good.