... I Mary!

I never put the Christmas books away last year.  They were Rylee's favorite.  I'd like to say it's b/c she has a genuine love for Jesus which that may or may not be but more realistically it's because she has a more specific love... a love for BABY Jesus.  All babies for that matter.  She also loves the movie, Monsters b/c it has the little baby Boo in it all throughout the movie.

So once again we read about baby Jesus and his mother Mary and the Angel Gabriel that morning. Then about 15 minutes later she walks up to me in the kitchen while I'm getting lunch ready.  She has a baby blankie wrapped around her shoulders and her baby doll stuffed under her shirt near her tummy and says to me,  "Mommy, look!  I Mary!

Then a proud mommy look came over my face and I kissed her all up and forced her to stand for a photo to capture this very sweet memory I'll forever have.