Instead, Pray...

If you read our last blog post, you read that our "Give Back" opportunity with our Spring Line Launch is SoulFull. Here is a little snippet from their website:

"We believe that having a heart to care for others and having mercy on the poor and suffering is the same heart God has for His creation.  Yet many feel far from God's heart, and 'church' hasn't helped them feel any closer.   

Whether you call yourself a 'church go-er' or not, 'Catholic', 'Lutheran', 'Baptist', or whatever, those who will feel most at home at Communitas are those that simply have a receptivity to learn more of who God is and a desire to be part of a community that serves the Twin Cities area.

Each time we get together, our goal is to grow spiritually.  Once or twice a month, we serve missionally around the community serving others at other times we get together and discuss the bible, pray and ask questions, seeking God."

This launch we will be donating $10 Bus Passes with each tee/tank that is sold.  So if you order 2 tees, we will donate 2 bus passes!  We feel God has given us an amazing opportunity at Six Notes and it's during these launches that we take a majority of our proceeds and give back.  We pray these moments are a true reflection on who we are as a brand.  We believe wearing God's word helps remind us, impact our actions and transforms our hearts.  We believe even more that serving and giving back reflects a heart for God.  We desire for God to be the absolute center of what we do here.  Serving is a very large part of that. So thank you for coming along side of us in serving those in need.

And as promised!  Here is another sneak into another t-shirt design...


More about Instead, Pray...

The Apostle Paul finishes his letter to his faithful Church in Philippi with a final exhortation. He’s urging the Philippians to fix their mind on the Lord.  For when we focus and fill our mind on higher things or Heavenly things we are not easily distracted with the little troubles in life.  

And when those troubles come, we are not to be anxious.  To not be anxious is a command, not an option. We are to share our hearts with God. We are to pray about it all.  Nothing is off limits. 

God wants our prayers. He desires communication with us. Even our petitions and supplications or simply said our requests or when we directly ask God to do something for us.  But let us not forget the command to do all with thanksgiving.  To do so with a thankful heart... no whining or complaining.

God is waiting for us to enter into a relationship with him.  Waiting for us to draw upon his name.  He wants to know what we need.  Yes he may already know, but he wants our participation.  Things change in us  when we spiritually and physically go to God with everything. Those big troubles become but little and the little fall by the wayside. 

Our prayer as you wear this tee is that you are reminded to bring all you need to God and when you do you feel a peace fall upon you that surpasses all understanding.  For he is a great big Mighty God who cares over our every need.  


Our Photoshoot for our Spring Line is Saturday, April21st!  We launch the new line shortly after.  Follow us on instragram and Facebook to get an insider look at our photoshoot.