Abundantly More Tee

Over the next few weeks, we will be previewing our 2018 Spring Line with you!  We are in love with this new line.  So many new verses and colors.  We think you are going to love it.  And to start off the preview, we give you one of our favorites.  Read the power of the verse below.


Abundantly More

These verses are a doxology or a prayer to praise our Father in Heaven. It is beyond powerful.  Think about it. Whatever you think, experience, imagine, or ask, God can do far more abundantly. And far more abundantly can’t even begin to display a language strong enough for the Apostle Paul to use.  

This is such a great passage to remind us of the power of God.  Our God is great.  Greater than great.  And he is a God who cares and loves us deeply.  Just read the passage before this.  And the best news for us is this great power lives in us and is doing work in us. 

Rely on Him for he can do beyond abundantly more than you can ever imagine or think.  His power, his love, his goodness is way beyond our comprehension.


And with all of our Line Launches, we do a Give Back.  This year we are excited to share with you about Communitas and their program SoulFull.  This organization hands out free lunches on Saturday when the Salvation Army is closed.  But they are much more than a meal service.  They seek to build relationships with this community, pray, engage in spiritual discussions, and meet the needs of the individuals as they arrive.  One of the greatest needs beyond warm clothing is bus passes.  And that's where we will come in!  

With EACH ITEM (not just order), we will be giving these individuals a $10 Bus Pass!  That means if you buy 3 tops, 3 bus passes will be donated.

Bus passes are used to get to interviews, work, or grocery stores, often times they are used to stay warm during cold months, or they just want to escape the busy life and enjoy a nice quiet park. 

We'll be sharing more about this organization over the next few weeks.  Until then, we pray God stirs in your hearts to give back in this way.  Wearing God's word reminds us and helps us feel His presence.  Now we get the chance to be a light to those in need.