Lead Me To the Rock

I have to admit, every time I sat down to design, write, and edit this verse I instantly began singing the song. Except for I had the song lyrics totally wrong! (insert emoji where the hand goes to the forehead) Goodness gracious. The song I was actually thinking about was “Lead me to the Cross.” by Hillsong - Cross, Rock… same God right?


Here is our mini devotion on this verse.

In this Psalm David is crying out to God in a time of need.  He is desperate and weak. His heart is overwhelmed.  Life can be that way for us too.  Stress can take over, life can beat us down but we have a choice in how to respond.  Do we fall apart? Fall prey to earthly temptations or do we rise up and call to our Rock like David?  

Both Old and New Testament writers refer to our Lord as a Rock throughout scripture.  It was a symbol of strength and security.  It was a place of shelter.  It was a source of life because of the wilderness wanderings of Moses bringing water from a rock for his people.  

And just as the Israelites wandered and David struggles, we to will run dry in a wilderness seeking shelter, crying out for comfort and grasping for a life source may we be reminded to reach out to our Lord.  Our rock.  The only firm foundation.  

“I call to you from the ends of the earth

When my heart is without strength.

Lead me to the rock that is high above me.” - Psalm 61:2