Yesterday, Today and Forever

I read the book None Like Him by Jen Wilkin a while back and she brought up this verse when she spoke of God as immutable. I couldn’t get this verse out of my head. It was so reassuring to me to know that while I may change so many times throughout my life on this earth, I serve a God who never has and never will.

This Spring Line we have a lot of transformational verses, but there is something so powerful about wearing this verse. We pray you feel it too.

Mini Devotional - Yesterday, Today, and Forever

The unchanging nature of God. If you want to sound super smart and theological, use the word, immutable.  That’s what this verse describes for us.  A God who will not and who simply cannot change. And in a world that is ever changing, we find comfort and hope to anchor our souls to a God who stands firm in who he is and always has been. The same God who rescued his people from slavery in Egypt delivers his people still today from the chains of sin.  The same God who saved 3 men from the furnace walks beside us and delivers us through our fires.  This is the God we serve. An immutable God.  An unchanging God.  A God who is the same now as he always has been and forever will be.  A God who brings us hope in life eternal and loves us unconditionally as he delivers us through this life into our everlasting with Him.  A promise he made back during creation and a promise because he does not change that will stand for always.  His character, his plans and his promises remain firm. 

We pray as you wear this tee that you are reminded of the unchanging nature of God.  His deep love will never fade.  Will never falter. Will never grow dim.  But stay perfect in every way.

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