Play-On-Words Galore!

Over the past few months we’ve launched our play-on-words products. It’s been so fun to create something different and have fun with it. Our goal was to design products that were used in our every day life that would allow us to be reminded in a whole other way.

Huge side note! We celebrate FOUR years in business tomorrow, Aug 1st. So be sure to check back in with us and celebrate.

Using these scripture products or wearing our apparel doesn’t make us “better” Christians. In fact that goes against the gospel and makes it a performance based faith. No. These products were created to be reminders of our faith in Jesus. A way to break through the noise of this world and focus on Jesus. Life is to be lived in union with Jesus. Living every moment for Him. Too often we just share our mornings and meal times with Christ, but that’s it. Our goal and mission is to set these reminders out to live every moment with Christ.

Just think about all these reminders! Every day you light your new candle you are reminded that Jesus is our light in this dark world and He will be our Way. And that match that you used… pray that you can be a light to shine in other’s lives. Or when you grab your makeup for the day, you can pray that you rest in the promise that you are Altogether Beautiful but Christ lives in you and that is what true beauty looks like. And let’s not forget coffee, when you grab your coffee mug for the day, may you thirst for Him and Him only because only he satisfies. Then when your coffee shakes set in and you need a water refill, be reminded of God’s invitation for us to taste and see all that he is and he is sooo good. So very good. And be sure to grab your sunglasses and be reminded to fix your eyes on Jesus because he is the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.

Are you reminded out? I don’t know that we can be! Or at least I can’t be. I need these all day and every day. They bring me back to my purpose. We all have the same purpose and that’s to live life on mission sharing the good news of Jesus. He commissioned us with that. Our missions just look a little different. For me it’s as a mom and six notes. For you it might be in the church. Or for most of us it’s integrating into the workplace but standing different and standing for him. It’s loving others, serving others, being the good in other’s lives. Life is not about us, it’s about Him. Who are we impacting for Christ?

This world is a me world. We see it everywhere. Find a way to break through this thinking and hold tight to a gospel centered thinking. And at the very heart of the gospel is Jesus. Live for him.

Be reminded and show whose you are.