Spring Line Date Is Set

We are so excited to launch our Spring Line.  You guys, I'm seriously in love with it.

But what I love more, is what we have planned for this Launch.  If you've read some of our past emails,  we've mentioned we are giving back to a local organization in St. Paul called SoulFull.  There are so many great and amazing organizations out there, but what I love most about this one is the emphasis on building relationships.  Connection and community is such a key role in impacting those in crisis or in need.  People just need to know they are not in this fight or battle called life alone.  They need someone to walk beside them, be a friend, eat a meal and just sit and pray with them.  They need relations and this is exactly what they do.  They serve a meal on the streets to provide a basic need and then meet the deeper need of just face to face contact.  Someone showing up and smiling at them to say, "hey, you matter."  

As SoulFull has developed these relationships, they've realized one of the greatest needs out there that people don't think of is basic transportation.  These individuals need ways to get to school, work, grocery store, job interview, church, or even just a way to escape the city life and enjoy a nice park.  The lack of transportation is a large problem.  So this is where we come in.  You and me.  

Our Spring Line Launches TUESDAY, MAY 1ST.  For the first two weeks in May, we will be donating a $10 Bus Pass with each item sold. Yes, you read that right.  Each item.  So if you buy 2 tanks and 2 tees, you will be giving 4 bus passes!  So stalk up on Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Fourth of July, National Donut Day, Earth Day, Hug Your Neighbor Day or any Holiday you can think of to gift.  Because it's a double whammy.  You will be giving transportation to someone just trying to make it in life.  Trying to find a job, trying to make it to school, or someone just seeking shelter from the storm.