That's a Wrap

These last three days of emails and blog posts have been a ride.  I've had so much fun sharing with you all why we started, the meaning of our name Six Notes, the FAQs and some highlighted thoughts.  All the while taking a look back on all our apparel lines and photoshoots.  Those you had to visit the blog for.

Your words of encouragement these last few days have been overwhelming as well.  I pray our hearts always stay focused on our mission in sharing God's word through apparel.  We need reminders of His word more than ever.  Reminders that keep our focus on Him.  He is the reason we exist.  He is the reason we have breath in our lungs, purpose in life, and hope for a future.  He is the reason we will have life eternal. 

Keep your eyes fixed on Him.

And thank you for your constant support.