How Deep God's Love For Us Is



This verse.

Can we fully comprehend it?

God's love for us is so great. It's wide enough to include everyone and cover over all sin and every circumstance of our lives. He loves us with an everlasting love, an eternal love. He shows us this by the length he went to win us back and save us -to a depth so humbling in order to redeem us and cover our despair and sin with his love. His love is so deep that he went to the cross even for the worst of sinners Oh, but how high his love goes. Right up to the heavens where He lifts us right up into his glory where we are seated with Christ.

To understand the extent of God’s love for us we must come to the cross. The cross that points four ways to show us how wide, long, deep and high his love is for us. And even then… Christ loves us more than we can truly understand. (v19) Be reminded as you where this tank of God's amazing love for you.