Hudson is ONE!

The big guy is one.

And such a sweet, active one year old.  He pulls himself up, walks along furniture, crawls over everything, pesters his sister, plays with his tongue constantly, loves his paci and blankie, LOVES cake, is a little fish in the bath, points at everything, mesmerized by the Christmas trees, loves to stand on the couch,look out the window, and hit the glass, makes his truck sounds, squeals, hates getting changed, hates his diaper changed, starting to crawl up stairs, enjoys the snow, sledding, and four wheeling but can't move in the snow, has the cutest dimple, and never stops moving. Ever.

And we love him beyond words.  Happy first birthday Hudson Peter.  

Hudson - 11 Months

This little dude is 11 months!


Stop it.

Can't be.

I was just complaining about pregnancy pains, swollen feet, and the fact that I wanted to eat anything in sight.


Instead I guess I'll start planning for his first birthday and take in the fact that this little child prefers crawling all over me instead of just cuddling.  Prefers pulling my hair... eyes... nose instead of sleeping in my arms.  Prefers tackling steps, destroying all in sight and throwing balls instead of gurgling little baby sounds.