Evening Football Games

Steve and the kids have been really into playing football when he comes home.  Seems appropriate since the unproductive, sit and stare at the TV on Sunday season has started.  Can you tell I love football season?

The kids love it though.  Yes, even Hudson.  They even have roles.  Hudson is the Defense.  Rylee is the quarterback. Steve is the Center.  Hudson gets in his three point stance. Rylee yells "Down. Set. Hut!" Steve hikes (or gently hands) her the ball and she runs for a touch down.  If she gets a touchdown she does a little TD dance and shakes her booty.  And since we are on the subject of Booty.  When is it not appropriate anymore to encourage your little girl to shake her booty?

We find that shaking your booty is a a bit more classy than "mooning" the crowd so we encourage that instead.  

If Rylee doesn't score which happens fairly often, we like to keep an even playing field for now at the Dus household, Steve will cause a fumble and give Hudson a chance to scoot his way to the ball while Rylee is continuously tackled and tickled by Steve.  

That scene is played out over and over again until I ruin their fun and tell them to come in for supper. 

And yes, I find this extremely adorable.

And yes, I think my husband is even hotter after seeing him do this.

And yes, he will be mad that I wrote that comment.

And yes, that is a baby in Rylee's arm while she runs with the football.