Valentines Day Cards

Simple and classy and designed just to be that.

Plus how fun is the pink envelope?

I love these cards. I plan to keep it classy and full of homemande love and have Rylee do a little artwork on the blank reverse side, maybe let Hudson chew on them a little and send them off to all of our friends and family.  

Price: $1.75 for 1 card,  $1.50 for 2, $1.25 for 3+ (shipping is $2 for quantities 3 anything over is $5)

Postcard size: 4.25x5.5 and Magenta/Pink envelopes are included.

To Order: just email me at or order on my etsy site.

Finally Sending Out

I've only had them for three weeks, sitting in my office downstairs, collecting dust. But I finally created a disaster zone...

 the started with some stamping...

added a little stuffing...


 with a side of sealing and stickering...

and then finally addressing.

So if we are acquaintances your magic at the mailbox will be happening soon compliments of the Dus Family.  Although if you were one of the 25 that I needed to double check on addresses... it will be a few weeks, or more.  I really dislike that process for some reason.


Still looking to order? or email or facebook me.

All is Calm All is Bright

Hands down... one of my favorite Christmas cards ever.

I mean ever.  Not even of the ones I just made.

And what's even more perfect is that it shows exactly the stage of life this family is in. Four kids 7 and under.  It's crazy at times.  

But they are the most blessed of times. Times we need to remember to remind ourselves to breathe and take it all in. Because in reality this is how they usually are.  Sweet, Smiley, happy and full of joy.

To order this card or any design, shop etsy or email

Pricing: $1.25 single sided, $1.35 double sided per card. $5 shipping.